Innovative Solutions Introduces New and Improved ProGuard Sanitization Technology

SAN DIEGO – September 5, 2017 /Canna Newswire/ – Innovative Solutions, a sanitization technology specialist for the cannabis industry, today announced it has entered into a relationship with GTE Manufacturing to manufacture its new and improved ProGuard Sanitization Technology product line.

The ProGuard Technology provides a proactive “clean” air and surface sanitization system that is an instrumental component in helping manage microbial pathogens, molds, and bacteria in all areas of cannabis facilities. ProGuard Sanitization ensures that Medical Cannabis Growers produce the cleanest, highest-grade medical product. The ProGuard technology is used inside their customers grow rooms as well as in their dry, cure, trim, vault, packaging and locker room areas and has helped their customers achieve industry best lab test results.

Mike D’Ambra, Co-Founder of Innovative Solutions, commented: “Cannabis regulations require stringent sanitization protocols to be able to produce clean, high quality medicine. We are very pleased to help Global leaders in the emerging Medical Marijuana industry achieve their goals by using the ProGuard Sanitization Technology.”

GTE Manufacturing innovates, engineers, and manufactures high-quality electronic products that positively impact the lives and health of people throughout the world. D’Ambra comments: “GTE will be handling the manufacturing and distribution for the ProGuard product line. Innovative Solutions is proud to forge this relationship with such a professional and innovative company as GTE Manufacturing.”

About Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions specializes in the Cannabis and Indoor growing industry and has helped customers in 15 US States and throughout Canada create world class grow environments. They have a team of experts that provide innovative and customized Sanitization and Energy Savings solutions that are designed and engineered specifically for each grower’s environment. Innovative Solutions has helped growers effectively manage pathogens, mold, and mildew in their grow rooms providing a clean environment for plant growth and flower development. They have also developed a proprietary process that significantly controls CFU’s on the finished dry marijuana product producing cleaner, safer, better medicine for their customers. Innovative Solutions is currently working with some of the largest Medical Marijuana Growers in the US & Canada and is rapidly expanding its operations in other emerging global markets.

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For more information contact:
Mike D’Ambra
Innovative Solutions
+1 858-231-8484


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