Bud Branding by 3D Studios Redefines And Revolutionizes Marketing In The Emerging Cannabis Industry

Bud Branding provides creative marketing solutions for cannabis professionals

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – November 6, 2017 /Canna Newswire/ – Today more than ever, businesses need to differentiate and create added value for their consumers. The Cannabis industry is a new market new rife with potential pitfalls for inexperienced entrepreneurs. They cannot do it alone. Strategic partnerships and sharing ideas and solutions with like-minded and complementary businesses is a perfect way to begin.

Bud Branding works with businesses involved in all aspects of the cannabis industry across the U.S., from growers to dispensaries to smoke shops. Their extensive experience in web development, design, and marketing allows Bud Branding to help clients identify their target market, find their voice, and establish market dominance.

“We created Bud Branding because we saw the need for professional, creative solutions in an industry barely out of its diapers.  We bring 20+ years of marketing and business acumen to bear on every project.”  Said Monica Jones, president of 3D Studios and the architect behind Bud Branding, “In an industry as new and unpredictable as cannabis, having that experience at your fingertips is invaluable.”

Partnering with a firm with a proven track record for building lifestyle brands and assisting businesses looking to establish market dominance in a niche market, gives those businesses a leg up on their competition.  By working with Bud Branding, a firm who understands how to navigate the legal and social waters of the cannabis industry, business can build a partnership to take them to the next level.

Bud Branding by 3D Studios helps businesses grow their influence and their brands. As a boutique brand management agency, we begin with a thorough analysis of your needs and partner with you to develop and execute a marketing plan that will help you take your business to the next level. To learn more about how Bud Branding can help you, visit us at www.budbranding.3dstudios.net or call 212-491-7318.

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Media Contact:
Monica Jones
Bud Branding by 3D Studios


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