The Cannabis Marketing Lab Launches Canada Division in Time for Nationwide Legalization

Top cannabis industry branding agency brings best-in-class service to Canada

  • Agency will assist cannabis entrepreneurs as Canada transitions to nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana in July 2018
  • Founder Celeste Miranda is a well-respected entrepreneur and activist for United States cannabis community
  • The Cannabis Marketing Lab brings a fresh and innovative approach to branding
  • Company has helped cannabis entrepreneurs across the United States compete in crowded recreational and medical marijuana marketplace
  • Canada division will be led by Danielle Stothers, an Ontario native that now resides in British Columbia
  • Canada division will be led by Danielle Stothers, an accomplished marketing consultant and Canadian native

PISMO BEACH, Calif. and VICTORIA, British Columbia – November 28, 2017 /Canna Newswire/ – The Cannabis Marketing Lab (thecannabismarketinglab.com), the premier branding agency for the flourishing legal marijuana industry in the United States, is expanding internationally with the launch of TCML Canada. The new division will serve cannabis entrepreneurs across Canada as they seek to gain an edge in what will be a booming recreational marijuana marketplace come July 2018.

“With the dawn of nationwide recreational marijuana legalization fast approaching, this is a perfect time for TCML to expand into Canada,” said Founder and CEO Celeste Miranda. “TCML Canada is led by pioneers of the Canadian cannabis market who are not only top notch marketeers, but are able to navigate the complexities of a massive new legal market in what is sure to be a rollercoaster ride over the next several years.”

Celeste Miranda founded The Cannabis Marketing Lab in 2012 after seeing the unmet need for a branding agency that focused exclusively on cannabis. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in several states following soon after, Celeste established TCML as the go-to source for social media strategy, packaging design and product rollouts. The agency continues to expand and add new team members to meet the growing demand for marketing and promotion among growers, extraction labs, accessory producers and other innovators in the world of cannabis.

TCML Canada is led by Danielle Stothers, an Ontario native who currently resides in British Columbia. A sales and marketing consultant herself, Danielle took notice of Celeste Miranda and followed the evolution of TCML as it became a powerhouse in the United States cannabis industry. Over time, the two developed a relationship which ultimately led to the birth of TCML Canada.

“Celeste has done some amazing things in the cannabis industry, from the incredible success of The Cannabis Marketing Lab to her activism and work in the non-profit arena,” Danielle Stothers said. “I look forward to joining the TCML team as we bring this best-of-class service to marijuana entrepreneurs across Canada.”

To schedule a meeting with The Cannabis Marketing Lab, Canada, contact Danielle@thecannabismarketinglab.com

About The Cannabis Marketing Lab
The Cannabis Marketing Lab is a division of Miranda Marketing Labs in San Luis Obispo, California. TCML was born in a “round-about” way into an industry very much needing a marketing innovator. We are fun. We are modern. We are out-of-the-box. The Cannabis Marketing Lab IS the branding of entrepreneurial cannabis ventures.

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Media Contact:
Celeste Miranda
(805) 744-2424


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