Healthier Option for Cannabis Consumers

CRESWELL, Ore. — January 8, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ — One Gro Investment Group has launched a new product that provides cannabis consumers with a healthier alternative for the consumption of cannabis. The Original Inhaler (www.enjoydiscreetly.com) is a metered dose inhaler (MDI) that looks like a conventional asthma inhaler. In fact, the components of One Gro’s Original Inhaler are the same pharmaceutical quality as the asthma inhalers already familiar to most consumers.

A study conducted by Portland State University, published in September of 2017, showed an increased level of cancer causing chemicals when cannabis is dabbed or consumed as a vapor using high heat.

“Our Original Inhaler utilizes CO2 oil rather than butane oil which provides for a smoother experience for the consumer, also our inhaler does not require heat to create the inhaled vapor, so our product does not carry the same risk as other forms of cannabis consumption,” said Catherine Mann, vice president of sales and marketing at One Grow Investment Group.

Additionally, this new product will be ideal for people who would like to use cannabis, but are worried about the stigma associated with it.

“Consumers should be able to medicate or unwind on their terms without alerting the world to the fact that they are consuming cannabis,” said Dan Isaacson, CEO of One Gro Investment Group. “There’s no smoke and no odor making it a discreet option.”

The Original Inhaler comes in both a THC and CBD strain. The THC inhaler is available at dispensaries throughout Oregon. The CBD inhaler will be in dispensaries by the end of the year and is currently available for purchase online at www.enjoydiscreetly.com.

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One Gro Investment Group is one of the fastest growing total cannabis companies in Oregon, with interests in production, cultivation, distribution, consumer products and retail. We are bringing broad innovation to an emerging industry by disrupting the status quo and bridging the divide between small cultivator know-how and the best practices of agronomy. Our expansion into other cannabis legal states will further enable us to bring cannabis into the mainstream of business. For more information visit: www.onegroinvestments.com.

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