Sublime Canna Creates Foundation to Help Veterans

Sublime Foundation to provide cannabis to military veterans struggling with opioid addiction

OAKLAND, Calif. – March 27, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ – Sublime Canna, an innovative cannabis manufacturing company, has announced the creation of the Sublime Foundation, an organization that will provide cannabis products to military veterans struggling with opioid addiction.

“The Sublime Foundation will help some of our most heroic citizens overcome an opioid crisis that is ravaging our communities,” Sublime CEO Alex Fang said. “Our hope is that we can help build a data-driven argument for cannabis as a safe and effective means of saving lives.”

The foundation will begin outreach to veterans’ groups and hospitals, as well as at relevant events, he said.

The opioid crisis has hit veterans especially hard. With high levels of chronic pain, veterans are twice as likely as civilians to die from accidental opioid overdose, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. More Americans have died from opioid drug abuse than the Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam wars combined, according to reporting from Reuters and Center for Disease Control data.

Fang has solid experience in creating successful nonprofits. In 2008 he co-founded and led Surf For Life, an organization that promotes high-impact, sustainable development projects in underserved communities, after seeing the need firsthand in Central America on a surf trip. Under his tenure as executive director, Surf For Life raised millions of dollars and completed dozens of projects such as renovating classrooms in Panama, installing a water system in Nicaragua and building a daycare in the Philippines. By 2015, Surf For Life had become the largest volunteer-based NGO in Silicon Valley, and had expanded to serve more regions.

The creation of the Sublime Foundation comes on the heels of other company news. Sublime has also recently announced a rebranding to Sublime Canna to include edibles along with its award-winning vaporizer cartridges and potent prerolls. The company plans to launch its first cannabis confections, lead by renowned Bay Area Chef Dennis Lee of San Francisco’s Namu Gaji, this spring.

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Sublime Canna is an Oakland-based, award-winning cannabis manufacturing company. We believe in the positive role marijuana can play in enhancing quality of life for everyone from the novice user to the seasoned connoisseur. We are an industry innovator, promoting a passionate and scientific approach to cannabis cultivation, production, distribution and use. Sublime has received dozens of awards for its products, including, most recently, a 2017 Hempcon Cup Finals award for “Best Cartridge.” For more information, visit SublimeCanna.com.

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