Line of Affordable and Effective Cannabis to the People by the People – People’s Cannabis Launches

OAKLAND, Calif. – April 2, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ – Everyday cannabis consumers come first for People’s, which launches its innovative product line in April 2018. This will change the game for recreational and medical consumers who’ve been waiting for a high strength line of products that’s also fairly priced.

The Origin Story
Technology pioneers Abram Yocom and Elvis McGovern founded Weird Science Labs, based in Berkeley, California, in their quest to develop a simpler, more efficient way to extract and distill cannabis oil. Through their combined backgrounds in chemical engineering and green energy, the mad hatters of Weird Science Labs have struck green gold with their efficient production methodology. With their exciting innovations in the lab comes a large economy of scale that now allows them to offer the best products at the lowest cost possible. Part of the reason they are able to offer great products at what looks like a deeply discounted rate is due to the brilliance of their automated, continuous production system which mimics industrial processes of recovering and purifying waste oils like biodiesel and water treatment.

The Mission
In step with California’s new legalization, People’s release coincides with a cultural celebration of cannabis for recreational use. For People’s, it’s about consumption with confidence, and recreational users not needing to feel ashamed of appreciating cannabis in the spirit of enjoyment in addition to benefiting from its medicinal aspects.

Accessibility is at the core of the People’s mission. Elvis and Abram are dedicated to expanding access to clean and consistent pure cannabis oil in hopes that more people are able to find relief from serious health conditions and enjoy high-quality medicine without needing to break the bank. Resisting the urge to over-profit makes the People’s brand stand out in the broader landscape of cannabusinesses. People’s simply can’t be beat in terms of value and potency.

People’s Products
People’s is launching a proprietary cartridge line, which comes in three options: indica, sativa, and an indica-sativa hybrid. Their future suite of products will include a bottled cannabeverage, strain-specific cartridges, People’s pre-rolls, and a cannabis tablet that will likely be the lowest cost per milligram of cannabis to hit the market. The tablet will also come in three different flavors and ratios of CBD, THC, and a CBD-THC blend. To start, their flagship cartridge will be valued between $20-25, a reasonable price given its high, triple tested, 85 percent purity level.

People’s began its soft launch through select dispensaries and delivery services throughout the Bay Area, and will be hosting its official launch event April 12th at 4&20 Blackbirds in Oakland, California.

For more information, contact Andrea Burnett, The 4Twenty Group, (650) 207-0917, andrea@4twentygroup.com.

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Andrea Burnett
The 4twenty Group


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