Highly-Accurate GemmaCert Cannabis Testing “Lab-on-a-Desk” Available for Pre-Sale Orders

GemmaCert will demonstrate quick and effortless plant testing at Terpenes and Testing World Conference this week in advance of its summer 2018 shipping schedule

SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 9, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ – GemmaCert, the innovative company behind the cannabis composition and potency testing “lab-on-a-desk,” is now taking pre-sale orders at www.gemmacert.com.  Designed for use across the commercial cannabis supply chain, yet affordable enough for smaller medical and home growers, the compact GemmaCert – the size of a small kitchen appliance – produces accurate Total THC and Total CBD levels for cannabis products in about one minute. The GemmaCert is now available for pre-order for the reduced price of $2,500 (US) – more than a one-third savings over the suggested retail price of $3999.

GemmaCert delivers a unique hybrid testing solution that combines leading-edge Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-endorsed near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) – a scientific measurement technique that measures how the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum is emitted, absorbed, or scattered through a cannabis sample –  together with visual image analysis, extensive data science, and machine learning.  Grinding is never required and testing completes without the use of solvents, eliminating the need for sample preparation. The GemmaCert process never destroys the sample, preserving both efficacy and commercial value. Simply place whole flower bud into the GemmaCert lab-on-a-desk, and an accurate analysis returns within a minute. Captured data is sent via a network connection to the cloud for quick analysis, with results sent to the tester via a smartphone app.

GemmaCert orders have already come from the US, Switzerland, Uruguay and Israel. Early users of GemmaCert will include the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), a collective of patients and caregivers based in Santa Cruz, California that offers doctor-recommended safe, organic phytotherapies for the treatment of terminal and chronic illness.

“GemmaCert will broaden our awareness in collecting and reading plants in the field, and serve as an educational tool for our members and guests,” said Valerie Leveroni Corral, director of WAMM. “Our members need information about their own home-grown medical cannabis, and GemmaCert offers an easy way to double check samples. Before GemmaCert, WAMM did not have an quick or affordable method to inform and guide us in the early stages of plant development.”

GemmaCert will be demonstrating its lab-on-a-desk this week in booth 212 at the Terpenes and Testing World Conference (April 10-11), both being held in San Jose, California at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center complex. GemmaCert CEO and co-founder Guy Setton will be speaking on a panel session titled “In-house Analyzers” on Wednesday April 11th at 3:30pm as part of the Terpenes and Testing World Conference.

“GemmaCert originally developed our testing technology for patients that depend on home- or smaller-grow operations, but were blind to the quality and potency of their medicine,” said Guy Setton, CEO and co-founder of GemmaCert. “As we’ve demonstrated our technology across the industry, we discovered there is a need for access to highly-accurate test results, even if they are not from a certified testing lab. For instance, commercial cultivators and processors want to use GemmaCert for internal quality control, research and development, as well as for transactional purposes. Not all testing needs to go to an external lab.”

About GemmaCert
GemmaCert (formerly known as CannabiTech) is a private biotechnology company, based in Israel since 2015, aiming to become a market leader in cannabis composition and potency analysis. GemmaCert’s skilled team of chemists, molecular biologists, biotechnologists, data scientists and programmers work tirelessly to advance cannabis analytical solutions. In the long run, GemmaCert’s breakthrough technology will enable patients and doctors to correlate cannabis composition with specific health conditions, significantly enhancing therapeutic treatment by cannabis and transforming the medical cannabis industry. To-date, the company has raised over $3M in funding and continues to push the boundaries of cannabis technology everywhere. For more information visit www.gemmacert.com.

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