Introducing Grind N Fill: The World’s Fastest Way to Make Joints

A revolutionary new product that makes 5 joints in under 2 minutes

LOS ANGELES – May 24, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ – So many people struggle with rolling joints. While it’s one of the most preferred methods for cannabis use, many people opt for other methods because if its difficulty and meticulousness. As a lifelong cannabis connoisseur, creator Bryan Jordan saw the difficulties people face in rolling joints so he set out to find a simple solution. The result? Grind N Fill: the fastest and easiest way to make joints.

Grind N Fill is the world’s first combination herb grinder and cone filler. A simple metal cylinder holds 5 premade paper cones while an herb grinder attaches to the top. Simply put your herb in the top, grind it, and gravity does the rest. In under two minutes you can “grind and fill” 5 paper cones. There’s no licking, no rolling, no mess, and no fuss. Just a simple way to make a perfect joint, every time.

Test group participants described using the Grind N Fill as “effortless,” “easy to use,” and even “revolutionary.” One of the main benefits to consumers is how easy it is to use for people with physical limitations. One user with arthritis reported how easy it was for them to use and how regular joint rolling had become impossible because of their condition. This opens up a new world of possibilities for those using cannabis for medical purposes.

Of course it’s one thing to have a great idea, it’s another to get it off the ground. Bryan has created a solid business plan and built a great team of people to help him bring the idea to market. Like most great ideas, Bryan is also seeking ways to fund a first round of production to get the Grind N Fill available for purchase in stores, at events, and online. In an effort to reach this goal, a crowdfunding campaign was launched through Fundable.com, a platform which specializes in new business startups. Rewards range from your very own Grind N Fill, to a VIP party in Hollywood to celebrate the Grind N Fill’s release.

A demonstration video has also been released to show how simple Grind N Fill is to use and how it compares with other joint making methods. To view those videos and to find out more, visit the Grind N Fill Fundable campaign at https://www.fundable.com/grind-n-fill.

After viewing the videos, if you love the idea and would like to have your own Grind N Fill, we encourage you to contribute to the campaign. Once Bryan reaches his initial goal he will be able to make Grind N Fill available to people all over the world.

If you are a media outlet and are curious about the Grind N Fill, please contact us and we will be happy to coordinate coverage with you. Inventor Bryan Jordan is currently doing interviews, informing other cannabis connoisseurs, even speaking to people in public to raise awareness of this new and unique product. Contact Stephen at SMTentertainment@gmail.com to coordinate.

About Grind N Fill
Grind N Fill is the world’s first combination herb grinder and cone filler. It makes 5 joints in under 2 minutes making it the fastest and easiest way to make joints.

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