Calling All Cannabis Consumers: Best Places Worldwide to Celebrate 420

Chino Hills, Calif – July 06, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ – VapeActive supports everyone’s right to enjoy and celebrate their love for cannabis. We’ve listed some of the best places where you can enjoy annual cannabis events for an extremely awesome 420.

The legalization of Marijuana or weed consumption is still a great issue that resulted in endless debates about whether “it should be or it should be not” regulated for public use. And it seems that this argument won’t reach its final verdict. Even though, certain studies have proven that Marijuana possesses medicinal benefits if taken in a considerable decent amount yet we can’t still discard the fact that there are a lot of people who abuse the use of this herb. Although the use of this herb is debatable and is held under close examination by both the authority and most health experts, we cannot disregard the positive benefits we can get from smoking weed — apart from making us happy and giving us good vibes. While not everyone who smokes weed practice it responsibly, most of those who smoke cannabis are peace-loving individuals who just downright enjoy smoking weed. Even though, the use of this so-called, “wonder herb” is restricted, there are places that you can visit and enjoy smoking weed. Below are the best places that you can visit yearly and celebrate 420. That said if you are a cool and peaceful toker.

  • Santa Cruz, California
  • Mt. Tabor Park, Oregon
  • London, England (The 4/20 Rally)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia (Annual 4/20 Vancouver Protest)
  • Melbourne, Australia (The Free Cannabis Rally)
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (The 4/20 Festival)
  • San Francisco, California (Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park)
  • Denver, Colorado (Mile High 4/20 Celebration)

Santa Cruz, California (Port Meadows inside the campus) – You might think that a university is not the appropriate place to smoke weed. But there’s no mistake about this, believe it or not, this place made its way to our list. The University of California at Santa Cruz does not approve of this event but the gathering happens annually. With a total of about 2000 attendees for this year’s celebration. The participants of the said event celebrated 420 with a mix of jazz, reggae, live drum performances and of course smoking weed up to their heart’s content. The gathering usually starts at noon and things get literally foggy when 4:20 pm drops.

Mt. Tabor Park, Oregon – This might be surprising but Oregon was among the states that had recently legalized the use of smoking Marijuana. Citizens can now enjoy smoking weed up to their own satisfaction and they also held this gathering to commemorate the legalization of Marijuana. At the top of the Mt. Tabor in Southeast of Portland, the said gathering is filled with lively music, trumpet solos, and drum performances.

London, England (The 420 Rally) – Who haven’t heard of the 420 rally that occurred last April 20, 2018, on London, England this year? It was more than a picnic of tokers rather than a protest. A number of people gather at London’s Hyde Park annually for this event, to celebrate the use and legalization of Marijuana and as well as to show objection to its illegality.

Vancouver, British Columbia (Annual 4/20 Vancouver Protest) – Vancouver is also a good place for a 420 celebration. They had this annual festival that they had always been held since 1995. Basically, it is a three in one event. A protest, a celebration, and a farmer’s market. Surely, this gathering is lively with a huge number of crowds attending, at 4:20 p.m. the area might appear like it is concealed with mist. Well, this is pretty obvious, right? All for the love of Cannabis, this year’s event was held at Vancouver’s Sunset Beach.

Melbourne, Australia (The Free Cannabis Rally) – At Melbourne, Australia there is an annual movement called “The Free Cannabis Rally” this was organized for the purpose of protesting to legalize the use of cannabis for adults. The duration of the said event is from 2 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening. Selling of cannabis in the event is not being practiced, so bringing your own and packing supplies until the end of the said event is a must do.

Toronto, Canada – The event starts from 10 in the morning all the way to 7 in the evening, held at Nathan Philips Square, Toronto Canada. Where a multitude of crowds gathers all across from Canada, to celebrate the 420 days. Speakers, lively music, food trucks, and cannabis enthusiast fill in the whole area.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (The 4/20 Festival) – We’ve been through different places like Oregon, California, Canada, Australia and etc. Our next destination is, Amsterdam. Yearly, the citizens here commemorate the 420 festivals with loud music, special deals for weeds and protest for the legalizing Marijuana. Although, attending this festival requires you to buy a ticket that costs around less than 30 euros per head but surely it is indeed worth the value!

San Francisco, California (Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park) – The Hippie Hill 420 annual celebration is one of the biggest, grandest and oldest gathering that rooted down way back from the 70’s. Admission is free but reserving your ticket is a must, considering the fact that a plateau of people would attend this. The event will be held for a whole day, with a grand highlight of releasing a herculean smoke at 4:20 pm.

Denver, Colorado (Mile High 4/20 Celebration) – The last destination is in Denver, Colorado. Here they held what they call the “Mile High 420” (formerly as, Denver 420 Rally) celebration. Being named as the world’s free 420 events. Although it is free, here’s the catch, they only give limited tickets. The event starts from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening, highlighting cannabis, celebrities and lively music no wonder that the number of attendees is crazily high. Make sure that you secure your admission in advance.

That ends our list of the best places you can visit to celebrate 420 and smoke weed until you drop. You can always go and have a great time visiting these places annually, alone or with your friends. And while these countries are some of the best places to visit to have a blast when it’s time for 420, it’s still best to practice cannabis consumption responsibly and don’t forget to bring all your 420 accessories and weed vaporizers with you. After all, even those places listed above highly regulates the use of cannabis and abusing your freedom might get you into big trouble.

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