Ecodyst Announces Former Heidolph Representative Trevor White Joins Team

APEX, N.C. – September 10, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  Ecodyst (www.ecodyst.com), announced that former Heidolph sales and technical representative Trevor White joined its team.

Trevor White was raised in Boston and attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for his undergraduate studies where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. During his undergraduate work, he explored chemistry techniques in the Garmin lab where he contributed to the group’s crystallography efforts to solve the structure of Human alpha-Glucosidase. After graduation, Trevor’s broad scientific interests in science allowed him the opportunity to work in zoos, the Inkaw Vervet Project on a game reserve in South Africa, and the Harvell marine biology research lab. After that, he joined the Boston-based biotechnical start-up company, NeoScientific.

In 2016, he joined Heidolph as the New England Field Sales Specialist where he served hundreds of chemists in a variety of industries such as academic, cannabis, pharmacology, and more. While White was at Heidolph, he was responsible for the first Ecodyst product sale, the Echochyll, during Heidolph’s and Ecodyst’s brief partnership. White was drawn to Ecodyst because of the company’s unique ability to adapt and customize solutions to meet the needs of chemists and the fact that they remain unfettered to traditional methodologies.

Co-founder of Ecodyst, George Adjabeng says, “At Ecodyst, we strive to create value for our clients and providing excellent customer service. We look for professionals who share our core beliefs to join our growing team and I’m excited to have Trevor become a part of the Ecodyst Team. Trevor is very passionate about delivery value for customers and I have experienced first-hand his willingness to listen and learn from clients and provide solutions and support. Our customers will benefit from Trevor’s scientific knowledge, technical and customer services skills and experience in the scientific instrument industry.”

Trevor currently resides in San Diego and continues his service to the scientific community. His primary role at Ecodyst is customer service, technical support, international client relations, and sales. We look forward to an excellent partnership to increase awareness of Ecodyst’s products and services.

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Ecodyst® is the innovative leader and creator of the next generation of rotary evaporators used by chemists and researchers in laboratories and commercial settings. For more information visit www.ecodyst.com.

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