Redefining Quality in the Age of Industrialized Weed

While the black market and industrial cannabis sectors favor volume and profit above all else, companies like HerbaBuena seek to establish higher ground with connoisseur-level products aligned with the plant’s remarkable full spectrum of healing potential

NAPA, Calif. – Sept 21, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –The definition of quality cannabis remains in question, offering an important opportunity to transform an outdated perception predicated on the demands of a myopically profit-driven mass market. By rejecting an extraction-based approach, companies like HerbaBuena (www.herbabuena.com) seek to set a higher standard in support of cannabis’ role as a healing plant, with products that offer delicious flavor, a full spectrum of healing potential, and the greatest effect at the lowest functional dose.

Informed by decades spent developing some of the country’s most iconic, ultra-premium wine brands, Alicia Rose founded HerbaBuena in 2015 with the goal of redefining the cannabis industry’s perception of quality.

“In our experience, the full benefits of cannabis are realized when you rely on, rather than attempt to recreate, the plants’ natural lifecycle and inherent complexities,” explains Rose. “Just like the world’s greatest wines, the goal is to obtain a state of total harmony and balance.”

California’s food and farm pioneers have demonstrated, time and again, that sustainable practices improve the quality of food, environment and community.

“Every consumer knows an organic tomato from a farmers market tastes better than one grown in a greenhouse, out of season.” says Rose.

Mass market cultivators implement technology and chemically-derived inputs to churn out vast quantities of bud in highly-accelerated, twelve-week cycles. Biodynamic farming principles – defined as a healing practice for the earth –  support development of the plant’s 400+ unique therapeutic compounds, over the course of the entire seven-month growing season. HerbaBuena believes this is of primary importance for developing exceptional quality cannabis.

“It’s like the idea that grapes grown in a warehouse could create a truly exceptional wine,” says Rose. “Any great winemaker will tell you it’s not possible. Because cannabis is a therapeutic plant for mind and body, infusing healing intention in every detail is paramount.”

Although peer-reviewed scientific research has been limited by federal classification, advocates of holistic medicine, across many industry sectors, know that bioavailability and efficacy improve when you take advantage of the whole plant. Protecting this full spectrum of attributes in farming and production is key to obtaining what’s known as the entourage effect. Methods designed to extract single compounds, like distillates of THC or CBD, don’t offer the same full-spectrum therapeutic benefit. HerbaBuena employs full spectrum extraction to ensure their products offer the greatest efficacy at the lowest functional dose in order to best address the most common ailments of modern life including anxiety, pain, sleep and sexual health.

HerbaBuena is proud to reintroduce two of their most popular products including the award-winning QUIVER Sensual Pleasure Oil, and their extremely rare Certified Biodynamic Whole Flower PreRolls (available in Harmonize 1:1 CBD,  Rock On Sativa and Wind Down Indica). Their plans include reintroducing their complete product line, including topicals, tinctures and elixirs, over the coming months. With its return to the market, HerbaBuena is thrilled to continue to be part of a community dedicated to supporting health and healing for people and planet.

About HerbaBuena
HerbaBuena is an ultra-premium cannabis company making super-premium products to serve the needs and desires of sophisticated adult consumers, while pioneering a new standard of quality and service for the cannabis industry and the consumers it serves. Their award-winning products offer full-spectrum, functional medicine to address the most common ailments of modern life, including stress, pain, insomnia and sexual health. In 2015, HerbaBuena released the first-ever Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis in California and has served thousands of medical patients throughout California’s North Bay through guided educational and epicurean experiences. HerbaBuena products are available in select cannabis dispensaries throughout California, with plans for relaunching their own direct-to-consumer delivery. www.HerbaBuena.com.

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Biodynamic Farming
A healing practice for the earth, Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, food and nutrition aiming to harmonize vital life forces and promote the wellbeing of the entire ecosystem. It’s a potent paradigm related to food, agriculture, and now, the cultivation of cannabis. (demeter-usa.org).

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