Treat Yourself Inc. Relaunches with Fresh New Look and All New Product Offerings

Available October 1, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – October 1, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  Treat Yourself Inc., known in many cannabis industry circles as the original cannabis poptart edibles company, today announces the relaunch of their company as a holistic health and wellness brand. With the addition of Ariel Welch, an herbalist and certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, the company now boasts a trio of health and wellness professionals as the innovators of CBD-rich consumables and luxurious body care products. These unique formulations infuse healing herbs and the highest quality materials to make Treat Yourself body care products safe, nontoxic, and effective. Here are some of the newest additions from the Treat Yourself portfolio of products:

Aloe Glow- Treat Yourself’s radical inflammation-busting moisturizer. With inventive ingredients like turmeric CO2 extract, it reduces redness and enlivens tired, puffy skin. Great to use as a daily moisturizer, as an aftershave or soothing after-sun care.

Natural Clay Tooth Powder – You are what you eat. Most conventional toothpastes have toxic chemicals and preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Treat Yourself’s chemical-free tooth powder is remineralizing, whitening, and tastes fantastic. Activated coconut charcoal, clay, cinnamon, clove, and turmeric plus different essential oils and herbs for flavor. You’ll be running your tongue over your clean pearly whites all day with this formula.

Natural Deodorant – This deodorant uses plant-based, all-natural ingredients. It effectively eliminates body odor with baking soda, while organic arrowroot powder absorbs moisture to keep you dry all day. Comes in five different scents.

With its top-of-the-line healthy ingredients and absolutely no harsh chemicals, ever, Treat Yourself’s new product line up has something for everybody to fall in love with, regardless of age or gender. Customers also rave about their new Sacred Beauty Balm’s deeply nourishing properties, and how their Dream Cream gently removes dirt leaving skin feeling clean and pampered.

Treat Yourself has something special that provides users with an “extra pinch of fairydust.” Co-founders Leone Posod, Cindy Pinzon, and Ariel Welch believe that “Magic is created when you work in tandem with nature. We feel it is our mission to make healthy, holistic products more accessible, so that everyone can experience the beauty and benefits of plants in their self-care practice.” And in keeping with this mission, it made natural sense for Treat Yourself to pivot from healthy cannabis edibles to other sumptuously sweet means of giving love to the body.

Treat Yourself shows its commitment to consumers with affordable pricing. That commitment, however, does not come at the sacrifice of the quality and ethics of their ingredient sourcing. And thanks to Treat Yourself’s sophisticated curation, you don’t have to live a crunchy granola lifestyle to fall in love with these handcrafted, earth-based products, though of course, those who live a crunchy granola lifestyle love them, too.

Treat Yourself’s products are available through their website and the re-brand will officially launch on October 1, 2018. For press inquiries, please contact Andrea Burnett at The 4twenty Group at 650-207-0917 or andrea@4twentygroup.com.

About Treat Yourself Inc.
Treat Yourself was founded in 2015 by Leone Posod and Cindy Pinzon to give consumers access to healthy cannabis edibles and topicals made from organic ingredients. In 2018, Treat Yourself partnered with Ariel Welch to expand as a holistic health and wellness brand that offers CBD-rich hemp oil products and a new line of luxurious products for healthy body care and self-love.

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Media Contact:
Andrea Burnett
4twenty group
(650) 207-0917


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