One Better Ventures Invests $2 Million Into Remedy Review, a New Media Property

RALEIGH, N.C. – October 2, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  One Better Ventures will invest $2 million into Remedy Review, a media company with the ambitious mission to advance the wellbeing of people through unrivaled content on natural health. Remedy Review will provide evidence-based content that separates fact from fiction in the evolving natural health product category that covers cannabidiol (CBD), hemp-based products, essential oils, and more.

“We believe that Remedy Review will become the preeminent authority on natural remedies and an invaluable resource for consumers to get news and information they can rely on,” said John Replogle, former CEO of Burt’s Bees and Seventh Generation. “We are optimistic about the potential of cannabinoids as a viable alternative to opioids to treat serious conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and chronic pain.”

Remedy Review will operate out of Three Ships, a Raleigh-based digital publisher and customer acquisition company that has carved out a niche building editorially-focused media properties, including Mattress Advisor and House Method. Both of those properties have established growing audiences over the last year and built relationships with large consumer brands. Remedy Review will be the third such property in the Three Ships portfolio.

“The natural health category is growing rapidly, but it’s also chaotic. A smart, well-researched media site can help people make informed decisions,” said Three Ships CEO Zach Clayton. “Consumers need an objective voice they can trust as their interest in natural products grows. We are excited to partner with One Better Ventures as we pursue this opportunity. They are mission-driven, long-term focused, and fully support the Remedy Review vision to be the media leader covering natural health.”

Marc Lewis, a three-year veteran of Three Ships, has been named Executive Editor of Remedy Review. He will build out a team of writers, photographers, and researchers over the next year. Remedy Review will also build out a panel of health professionals to review and approve content and will highlight products with clear testing protocols.

“Many review and product sites are subjective, which is fine when the risks are relatively low,” said Lewis. “The bar is much higher in the health space. Our challenge over the next few months is finding great minds to contribute to our content. We intend to build an authoritative, credible set of reviews that provides objective information to help consumers make the best choice for their wellbeing.”

Remedy Review officially launches on October 1, 2018. About One Better Ventures (1BV):

One Better Ventures partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to unlock potential and build an inspired community to do well and good. Our partners are experienced business operators that have a successful track record in developing and growing mission-driven brands. With expertise in strategy, organization development, financial planning and capital raising, sales, marketing, and supply chain planning, we can enable businesses to reach their full potential. We have a focused criterion for the companies that we like to work with:

  • B-Corps or companies who aim to make a positive social impact
  • Consumer products and services with breakthrough potential
  • Healthy brand equity and attractive financial outlook
  • Founders/management team seeking operating partner

For more information, please visit: http://1bv.co/

About Three Ships
Three Ships operates at the intersection of digital publishing, commerce, and customer acquisition. Our approach to digital marketing is supported by years of success in creating performance-driven content for clients. We also optimize digital advertising investments for leading national brands. With the launch of Remedy Review, Three Ships now operates three vertically focused consumer media businesses – including Mattress Advisor and House Method. Three Ships has already successfully incubated and exited from two businesses, one to a public company and the other to a private equity-owned company.

For more information, please visit: https://www.three-ships.com/ and https://www.remedyreview.com/

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Media Contact:
Kristen Lueck
Editorial Communications Director
Remedy Review


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