StrainConnect Launches Private Beta for Breakthrough App that Connects Patients to their Perfect Cannabis Product

Now Available: Private Beta Signup for the StrainConnect CBD Recommendation App

SAN FRANCISCO – October 3, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  StrainConnect, the CBD recommendation application, today announced it has launched the beta version of its breakthrough product and opened a pre-seed fundraising round. StrainConnect is the only consumer resource on the market that connects individual patient profiles with cannabis product lab results to provide unbiased, user-specific product recommendations. StrainConnect will initially focus on CBD recommendations across the United States during the private beta and will begin THC recommendations in California in the coming months. To sign up for the beta visit www.strainconnect.com.

“We have seen great traction already with our beta signups, social media following, and investor interest,” said Rachael Maddison, Founder and CEO of StrainConnect. “It’s clear that we have built a robust ecosystem that both consumers and brands are excited about.”

Maddison continued, “I built StrainConnect out of a personal need when I was trying to find a solution to my back pain after having children. The information available was overwhelming and, eventually, it became expensive to try different products that I ultimately would never end up finishing.  So I journaled my research and verified my process with the medical, scientific and cannabis community. Then I put my UX/IA and business ownership experience to work as I built a team and created an app that utilizes machine learning AI to do what I had done manually for myself – but far quicker, cheaper and more accurately.”

How it Works

StrainConnect is brand- and strain-agnostic, so patients can depend on unbiased results that have only their best interest at heart. The company also has a strict policy of only recommending brands that use third-party labs to test for cannabinoid content, as well as terpenes and pesticides, which ensures only clean, quality products are being recommended.

The StrainConnect app uses a proprietary, bioscientific, machine learning algorithm to calculate consumer results based on a combination of the product lab results and patient information, including:

  • Ailment (anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain, etc.)
  • Desired Effect (time of day, how you want to feel, etc.)
  • Personality characteristics (are you low energy, high energy, anxious, lazy, etc.)

StrainConnect then recommends a handful of exact products for that particular patient. They also provide the customer with guidance on dosing, detailed product information and where they can purchase that specific product.

“StrainConnect is the only product that uses lab results to make recommendations, rather than the generic strain data that is used by competitors,” said Kristen Yoder, owner of Soil to the Oil and cannabis industry advisor. “They only accept products that have both the cannabinoid AND terpene profile lab results, in addition to asking pertinent questions of the patient. This is a very unique approach to combine both lab data and personality preferences. The patient has all the information needed to make an informed purchasing decision, and can feel confident knowing the product has been completely vetted.”

StrainConnect was invited to join the San Francisco Founder Institute tech incubator, where an initial investment was raised in June 2018.  The company has now officially opened its pre-seed round. Interested investors may email connect@strainconnect.com for more information.

About StrainConnect
Based in San Francisco, StrainConnect was founded in February 2018 as a way to match consumers with specific cannabis products that meet their unique needs. Using data collected on an individual’s ailment, personality characteristics and desired effect, the free web app will make recommendations for lab-tested products that are safe for the patient to use. StrainConnect is currently in private beta trials; for more information or to become a private beta user, visit www.strainconnect.com.

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