Cannabis Grower Launches in Montreal

Company to build state of the art vertical aeroponic facility

MONTREAL – October 16, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ – Great White North Growers Inc. (GWNG) a new producer of premium medical and recreational cannabis, has announced plans to build a 142,000 square foot growing facility in east end Montreal.

The founders and management team of this privately held company include Quebec business veterans Peter Schissler and George Goulakos, along with George Desypris, Ph.D. With over 25 years of experience, Legacy Grower Kris Love will lead the cultivation team.

Construction is underway on the company’s cultivation facility in Ville d’ Anjou, a borough of Montreal, Quebec and will commence operations in November 2018. Phase One will include a 54,000 square foot facility with a capacity of over 17,000 kilograms per year. President Peter Schissler expects to create over 150 full-time positions. Further expansion is currently in the planning stages.

This comes at a great time, as Quebec currently represents only 9.3 percent of the 129 Licensed Producers in Canada-despite Quebec having 25 percent of the national population (Health Canada Status Report, September 2018).

Organizational culture and priorities for GWNG will include: Operational Excellence, Environmental Consciousness, Social Responsibility and an Entrepreneurial Aptitude.

About Great White North Growers Inc
Great White North Growers (GWNG) is a privately-held producer of premium pharmaceutical-grade medical and recreational Cannabis flowers and derivatives.

Our goal is to become an innovative and leading producer serving Quebec, the rest of Canada and emerging International markets.

GWNG’s skilled team of legacy growers will engineer and optimize a 142,000 square foot facility using a high-efficiency, best-in-class vertical growing system, with state of the art climate control (HVAC) and lighting that will produce premium Cannabis with innovative and unique strains, colors and terpene profiles.

Great White North Growers is headquartered in the borough of Ville d‘Anjou in Montreal – Canada’s 2nd largest urban center and will service customers via a fluently-bilingual customer care team.

Montreal provides GWNG with an experienced and skilled labor force and the most competitive prices for water and electricity in Canada, enabling the company to produce the lowest cost premium cannabis products in the country. For more information visit www.gwng.ca.

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Media contact:
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