Chula Vista Opening Cannabis Business Licenses

LOS ANGELES — November 7, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ — If you’re interested in removing the stigma and illegality of cannabis businesses in your area, get out and vote this November, Chula Vista residents. Earlier this year, on March 6th, the City of Chula Vista announced it was greenlighting an ordinance to permit, license, and regulate cannabis businesses within their jurisdiction. However, that ordinance is contingent upon voter approval of a new cannabis business tax.

Should the ordinance pass in a few days, the City of Chula Vista will begin accepting cannabis business application on January 1st of next year. For more information on that process, expect the City to provide the details after the upcoming ballot.

As it stands now, Chula Vista city law mandates a $10,000 per day fine for ‘unlawful cannabis business activity.’ Unfortunately, for those who have been convicted in the past of unlawful cannabis business activity, they will be barred from applying to the City for a business license.

Should the voters pass the measure–and when the applications open up–the City of Chula Vista will provide three types of cannabis business licenses:

  1. Storefront and non-storefront retailers: A maximum of three licenses per Council District will be available, of which only two may be Storefront Retailers. The Storefront Retailers are open to the public and not allowed to provide delivery services. The Non-storefront Retailers, however, are closed to the public and may only provide delivery services.
  2. Cultivation: The City of Chula Vista will permit ten Indoor Cultivation licenses total. The operations will be limited to 20,000 square feet.
  3. Distribution, Manufacturing, and Testing Laboratories: The City will not set a cap on the number of these types of licenses available.

For more information regarding the City’s wording, refer to Chula Vista Municipal Code section 5.19.060 because the City will not provide any advice or information regarding the structuring of your business.

With the changing laws–and difficult to understand legalese–MJ LEGAL will help you navigate the cannabis business space.

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