Go on Green Introduces Kassi, The First Smart Medical Cannabis Storage Hub, Now in Pre-Sale

The revolutionary patent-pending Kassi is a smart medical storage hub that enhances the benefits of medical cannabis consumption

TEL AVIV — November 12, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ — Go on Green, a leader in smart products for cannabis consumers announced today the pre-sale launch of Kassi, the world’s first and most advanced smart medical cannabis storage hub built with IoT connectivity to a mobile app.

The revolutionary patent-pending Kassi is a smart medical storage hub that enhances the benefits of medical cannabis consumption, by delivering an innovative solution for tracking and maintaining optimal cannabis freshness and effectiveness.

The sleek device delivers a holistic solution by including a smart scale, mobile app and medical-grade grinder, developed with the unique ability to minimize harm to the trichomes while maintaining potency.

Users can view real-time temperature and humidity due to Kassi’s smart sensor which delivers information to the mobile app. Humidity is directly adjusted via the integrated Boveda® 2-way humidity pack. Kassi’s smart digital scale delivers information each time quantity changes.

When paired with its iOS and Android mobile app, Kassi automatically logs the time of consumption, dosage history, and current amounts. Furthermore, Kassi can send quantity-bases reminders, ensuring timely repurchase.

In addition to offering easy purchase from dispensaries, users can log in specific strains, treatment effect, location and time of purchase. Kassi analyzes this information and sends users recommendation about similar strains.

In addition to maintaining correct humidity & temperature levels, access to cannabis storage data is vital for maintaining optimal freshness, consumption, and safety.

Kassi’s mobile app connectivity offers:

  • Track temp and humidity in real-time
  • Automated tracking of daily usage
  • Track usage over time
  • Receive alerts from dispensaries
  • Reorder from app
  • Send alerts when weight thresholds are met
  • Monitor weight, temp, quantity
  • Automatic gathering of data via Wi-Fi
  • Voice activation via Alexa / Siri

“We built the world’s first IoT connected cannabis storage hub for short and long-term storage.” Shared Ido Havilio, founder at Kassi. “Kassi preserves cannabis with humidity & temperature monitoring, to maintain optimal freshness and effectiveness”. He explained.

The industry is shifting towards one-stop-shop consolidating products and information in a single marketplace. With Kassi, Go on Green plans on taking this idea one step further and provide users with a one-stop-hub. A complete, holistic solution, answering multiple needs and making it easier for consumers to get the most of their Medical cannabis.“

Kassi is now available for pre-order via the official Kassi Website – https://getkassi.com at an introductory price of $150 which is 20% off the expected retail price and is expected to start shipping at the end of Q1 2019.

About Go on Green:
Based in Tel-Aviv Israel, Go on Green Ltd. transforms how people inhale, store and attain medical cannabis by introducing innovative products based on IOT and backed by our very own patents, providing the most enjoyable & efficient experience while consuming cannabis. Their mission is to bring cannabis consumption to the 21st century, providing people with the ultimate medical cannabis consumption experience, setting a new standard for the industry.

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