North Carolina Based Hemp Bounces Back

Grown 2 Gold, LLC helps local cultivators battle back after Florence

WILMINGTON, N.C. – November 21, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  Grown 2 Gold, LLC, which is a North Carolina based multi-level hemp company, has been working to help local cultivators salvage harvests from the massive devastation Hurricane Florence inflicted on this year’s crops.

“We lost our entire farm and we are aware of dozens of others that have as well,” said Boone Rivenbark, CEO of Grown 2 Gold. “We wanted to work with others to help demonstrate industry best practices for saving and processing what little was left to make up for some of the heavy investments farmers have put into this pilot program, and allow for us to share a new knowledge base on what works and doesn’t work with adverse weather such as this moving forward.”

Working with local cultivators to help identify ways of processing the raw materials into marketable products has led to Grown 2 Gold releasing a new product line called Sweet Earth Extracts. The first roll out of products included a North Carolina grown line of Kief products with Balms, Oils, Vape, and Rosin to follow.

“Our new product line is just one way we are working with North Carolina farmers to help them recover their losses. When you deal with a commodity that isn’t insurable currently, you have to diversity your risk and plan for strategic safe gates which we believe our company can offer farmers and processors in North Carolina.”

To learn more about Sweet Earth Extracts and Grown 2 Gold, LLC visit their website at www.grown2gold.com

About Grown 2 Gold, LLC
Grown 2 Gold, LLC is a multi-level licensed cultivator and processor of the commodity of Cannabis in the state of North Carolina. They offer genetics, propagation, testing, and consultation services as well as being a North Carolina Cannabis grower, packer, and shipper.

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