Cannabis Green Book Launches Product Vetting Service

Unique Identifier Number Authentics Products Nationally

WILMINGTON, N.C. – November 27, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  The Cannabis Green Book launched a new program to take aim at Cannabis companies who operate without discretion and lack transparency. The Unique Identifier Number program allows for any company to submit for a UIN that can be searched by a consumer post purchase to verify Certificate of Analysis and product viability.

“With so many Companies hitting the currently unregulated market we developed the UIN to help the consumer with identifying products that meet strict quality control metrics and industry transparency,” said Anna Marie Precythe, CEO at the Green Book. “This is a national program that is free to sign up for and allows companies to share pertinent information with the consumer right on the labeling with a UIN number that the consumer can get all the information they would need to make sound decisions.”

The goal of the UIN is the allow companies a way to showcase volumes of safety information in a simple number format the consumer can pull out of a simple search. Cannabis Green Book provides companies the ability to sign up for a UIN for free and host information like COA’s and Licenses for free.

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The Cannabis Green Book is a business to business industry vetting and information portal focused on the Cannabis industry. Services include business reports, principle reports, live cannabis stock information, Cannabis podcasts, and business listings. Visit www.cannabisgreenbook.org for more information.

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Anna Marie Precythe


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