C. E. Hutton Releases First-Ever Marketing Analysis of Minority-Owned Companies in the Cannabis Industry

DENVER – December 4, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  C. E. Hutton, LLC, a minority-focused business development and management company in Denver, Colorado, today announced the release of the FIRST-EVER annual marketing analysis focused on companies owned by minorities in the cannabis industry.

“We are very excited and indeed proud to provide this first edition publication to readers in an effort to provide more insight, information and business intelligence to the marketplace,” Hutton said.

The company defines “Minorities” as all people of color, women, veterans, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community.

“Clearly the challenges of minority business ownership continues in the industry and the Minority Report is intended to be a vehicle that shines a light on those challenges, as well as shining an even brighter one on the successes of entrepreneurs who are fearless and making things happen,” Hutton said.

The Minority Report is an 82-page marketing analysis that is available for purchase and is printed on demand via Blurb.  It is shipped as a hardcover book and covers a variety of minority-owned companies in an array of different verticals within the cannabis industry.

The Minority Report highlights entrepreneurs who are making positive changes and taking the lead in the movement for “inclusion and equality” for black and brown people in this industry.  It goes on to include the economic and social impacts minorities have made to the industry to-date, and the current condition of this thriving new marketplace.

C.E. Hutton intends to make The Minority Report an annual publication to showcase different individuals from all walks of life, who are making their mark in the cannabis industry and striving every day to re-write the story on “the war on drugs” in our communities.

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