California’s First Direct-to-Consumer Culinary Cannabis Experience Opens Its Virtual Doors

LOS ANGELES – December 11, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  CrEATe Oil, California’s first direct-to-consumer culinary cannabis experience, today announces its launch and opens its virtual doors to the Californian public. The company combines world-class cannabis educational material with chef-curated recipes and six different high-end cannabis oils designed to help customers achieve particular moods and manage aspects of their lives.

“We’re proud of what we’ve built with CrEATe Oil and excited to finally launch our service and products in California,” says Vincent Cevalte, chief executive officer of CrEATe. “We truly believe that cannabis is the next frontier in the culinary world, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolutionary movement.”

CrEATe Oil is a monthly subscription service comprising educational material, recipes, and cannabis oil. Customers select the oil of their choice and the meal plan that best fits their needs (appetizers/drinks, entrées, dessert, vegetarian menu, or full menu), and CrEATe ships the boxes directly to their doors in discreet, safe-for- work packaging.

CrEATe Oil aims to focus above all on education, using ethical and transparent practices to dispel the common myths and misconceptions traditionally associated with cannabis. The company’s mission is to promote a safe, healthy, and communal way to enjoy culinary cannabis in the privacy and comfort of home and to aid in changing the public perception of this herb.

CrEATe Oil works with cannabis growers dedicated to impeccable standards and responsible practices to select the highest-quality plants, which undergo a pure extraction process that preserves the natural and unique properties of the cannabis in the resulting oils. These oils are then tested in a government-approved lab to ensure they meet or exceed state safety standards.

The lab-tested cannabis oils are added to organic grapeseed oil — which, with its neutral flavor, high smoke point, healthy omega fatty acids, and excellent ability to mix with the active ingredients in cannabis, is ideal for allowing cannabis’s natural compounds to enhance culinary dishes.

CrEATe’s recipes are developed exclusively for the company by reputable chefs and are made to pair perfectly with their six oils: HAPPY, ELEVATE, SLEEP, RELIEF, RELAX, and SOOTHE. Designed with respect for the requirements of cooking with cannabis, each recipe incorporates the oil as part of a full meal — redefining the landscape of the “edible” as it’s currently known.

CrEATe’s services are informed by years of exhaustive research and authoritative information, and their website features links to medical studies intended to help customers educate themselves on the potential benefits and effects of cannabis.

“More than anything, CrEATe grew out of a desire to help people — to give them another tool to use as part of a healthy lifestyle,” says Vincent Cevalte. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide this service to California residents, and we look forward to expanding our business in the future as state laws allow.”

To learn more about CrEATe, contact Vincent Cevalte at vincent@CrEATeOil.com, or visit the website at CrEATeOil.com.

About CrEATe Oil
CrEATe Oil is a Los Angeles-based company offering California’s first direct-to- consumer culinary cannabis experience. Combining world-class education with chef-curated recipes and six different cannabis oils designed to help you achieve particular moods and manage aspects of your life, CrEATe invites you to choose your own path into the exciting new world of culinary cannabis oil.

To learn more about CrEATe, visit: https://CrEATeOil.com.

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