Humboldt Redwood Lounge at The Emerald Cup

New lounge features 15 notable cannabis brands in one relaxed setting

HUMBOLDT, Calif. – December 12, 2018 /Canna Newswire/ –  A group of 15 craft brands in Humboldt county has created the first-ever “Humboldt Redwood Lounge” area at this year’s Emerald Cup. Satori Wellness will be the host dispensary featuring all of these brands and will be offering a wide array of products for sale. Representatives from all of the participating companies will be present to share information about their various products including many new and limited release strains and concentrates from this year’s fall harvest.

Said Brieanne Mirjah, brand director of Eel River Organics, “We’re excited to have all of these hometown brands coming together to establish Humboldt County as the leader of craft cannabis farms and brands. It will be a one-of-a-kind experience at the Emerald Cup!”

Gillian Levy, co-founder of Humboldt Apothecary stated that “What is particularly exciting and unique about this curated selection of Humboldt brands is that every one of them is truly a legacy Humboldt brand that has worked extremely hard to get through all of the licensing loopholes and is still thriving. That speaks volumes about the quality and authenticity of their offerings.”

Brands represented include:

  • Eel River Organics
  • Talking Trees
  • Satori Wellness
  • Cut Creek Farms
  • Royal Budline
  • Devi
  • Rebel Grown
  • High Grade Distribution
  • Humboldt Apothecary
  • Humboldt Harvest
  • Papa’s Select
  • Peak Oil
  • Space Gem Candy
  • Talking Trees Farms
  • Trinity Sungrown

The Humboldt Redwood Lounge will be located at the PacEx Pavilion in booths p113-117. Consumers and Press are encouraged to visit and learn more about the brands in a beautifully designed and curated, cozy atmosphere. Satori Wellness dispensary will also be part of the experience, so visitors may purchase the variety of products on site.

For more information or to receive press gift bags, contact: Andrea Burnett, The 4twenty Group, andrea@4twentygroup.com, 650-207-0917.

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