Celebrate National Popcorn Day with Pop-Up Potcorn

Cannabis-infused popcorn makes the holiday even tastier

OAKLAND, Calif. – January 19, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ –  Every day is a great day to eat popcorn but Saturday, January 19th is National Popcorn Day and what better way to celebrate than by popping up some cannabis-infused Potcorn?

Americans consume 13 billion quarts of popcorn a year, more than any other country in the world. This time-honored treat can be sweet or savory, caramelized, buttered or plain, or topped with brewer’s yeast or garlic salt. We all have our favorite way to consume this all-American snack.

For the cannabis consumer in California, Pop-Up Potcorn is a satisfying way to elevate and alleviate. It’s the only cannabis infused microwaveable bag of popcorn that’s simple, salty, and good for you! And best of all, Pop-Up Potcorn hits “the sweet spot” of consistent micro-dosing with just 5-10 mgs of cannabis per bag. CBD-only bags also available for those who want the health benefits without the high.

Unlike flower, vape cartridges or super-strength edibles, Pop-Up Potcorn is a mild edible that won’t cause consumers to experience the “Oh no, I’m too high” feeling. Thanks to its thoughtful dosage and 100% pure cannabis extract, Pop-Up Potcorn is reliably potent without being overwhelming. Made from just four sustainably grown and sourced ingredients, Pop-Up Potcorn is a super clean snack.

However it’s enjoyed, pop yourself some Potcorn tomorrow on National Popcorn Day.

Pop-Up Potcorn Highlights:

THREE FORMULATIONS: THC 10 MG for those looking for a fun, elevating experience; CBD 10 MG for those seeking to de-stress and relax, and THC:CBD 5|5 for balanced effects.

FRESH & HOT: As the first microwaveable bag of cannabis infused popcorn, it comes out of the bag steaming hot and ready to eat. For the foodie looking for a flavorful snack, Potcorn tastes much better than already popped infused popcorn, which often is gummy and stale.

CLEAN INGREDIENTS: the recipe for Potcorn is simple. Sea salt, California-grown popcorn, certified palm oil, and 100% pure cannabis distillate.

STAY SOCIAL: Pop-Up Potcorn is perfect for sharing and socializing at home. Serve as a fun hors d’oeuvre at a BBQ or fight over the bowl with your sweetheart during movie night. As a poppin’ plus, Potcorn does not have an overpowering cannabis odor, and is discreet enough for snacking on at work.

GOOD ALTERNATIVE TO INHALABLES: Great for people who want to protect their skin & lungs and do not want to smoke or vape cannabis.

Pop-Up Potcorn retails for about $8.00 per bag, and will be available through Sava, a delivery service based in Northern California and at select dispensaries near you in California.

Pop-Up Potcorn was born during movie night on a cannabis farm in Northern California. Founded in 2017 by medical cannabis farmer Rob Arabian, it’s the only microwavable, organic infused popcorn on the market. Unlike many edibles with small portion sizes and added sugar, Pop-Up’s low dose, single-serving microwavable mini-bags let you enjoy a complete bag of popcorn without worrying about overindulging or overdosing. Potcorn is crafted with organic popcorn and sustainably sourced ingredients and made without artificial flavors. Visit www.popuppotcorn.com for more information.

Follow Pop-Up Potcorn on Instagram: @popuppotcorn

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