Welcome to the Pre-Roll Revolution: Juniper Releases Pure Flower Pre-Rolls

Juniper pre-rolls are now available at dispensaries throughout California

HUMBOLDT, Calif. – April 2, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ –  Pre-rolls are a dime a dozen, often mixed with a nebulous “house blend” which you might suspect is packed with excess parts of cannabis trim (and nine times out of ten, you’d be right.) However, a new company that’s been farming for decades has a better idea. Juniper takes a cannabis staple to the next level by using exclusive, AAA flowers in every last one of its pre-rolls.

It is a terroir, it is a scent, it is a taste of place. Welcome to the pre-roll revolution, led by family farmers who are 100 percent committed to their craft and working in balance with the environment. As a result of their attention to detail and their small batch harvesting techniques, Juniper’s pre-rolls are a true delight to consume and share.

Run by a second generation farming family, Juniper elevates cannabis culture by selecting only top-shelf flowers for its products, which are grown on hillside gardens using sustainable, organic methods. Juniper’s high elevation location, and nutrient-rich soil yields excellent quality sun-grown flowers. Under the coastal influence of Humboldt County, Juniper’s aromatic difference is easy to taste, smell, and feel. And the best part? No trim is added, ever.

“We are excited to have Juniper pre-rolls on our menu”, said Dustin Duhne, Buyer/Manager at Barbary Coast Dispensary in San Francisco. “They are very well put together, do not run, are a high-quality product, full bud, and a real joint smokers joint.”

With aesthetics suitable for display at an upscale boutique, Juniper’s packaging speaks to the superior quality of its contents. Each pre-roll comes neatly settled in stylish glass tubes and artisan tins.

“At Solful, we are committed to sourcing the highest quality, sun grown cannabis in Northern California. We see a lot of product from new brands come through our doors, but Juniper’s pre-rolls stand out as absolutely one of the best products in the pre-roll category we’ve seen in a long time, and our customers love that they’re packaged in tins or glass,” said Eli Melrod, CEO & Co-Founder at Solful in Sebastopol.

As an intentionally operated family affair, Juniper is able to choose the best of the best from its small batches.

“We are proud to bring our one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted products to cannasseurs and the canna-curious all across California. It is my hope that we can inspire people to connect, live well, and that we have a small part in growing the culture of acceptance,” said Jennifer Appel, Owner & Founder at Juniper.

Juniper’s pre-rolls are well-suited to the cannabis consumer seeking a top-shelf experience at an affordable price point. Juniper provides options by offering a single pre-roll for just $10.00, and packages ranging from $16.00 – $36.00. Juniper also meets consumers’ tastes for crowd-pleasing favorite strains like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Orange Sherbet, but also pushes the envelope a bit further with strains like Trinidad OG, which Leafly calls Humboldt Country’s “perfect OG strain,” and Gelato #1, a very frosty, potent, somewhat elusive hybrid from the Cookie Family.

Juniper’s pure flower pre-rolls are currently available at select dispensaries throughout Northern, Central and Southern California. Warning: Should you choose to grow cannabis culture with Juniper, you won’t want to go back to whatever you were smoking before experiencing Juniper’s sensational “coastal influence.” For beginners and experienced cannasseurs alike, Juniper’s pre-rolls are a game changer.

About Juniper
Juniper is an artisan, top-shelf pre-roll brand focused on giving consumers the best possible smoking experience. Putting all their AAA flower into their pre-rolls sets them apart. Based in Humboldt county, their flowers benefit from the unique high-elevation, coastal climate that you can taste in the final product. Juniper’s pre-rolls are beautifully packaged in environmentally friendly tins and glass tubes, and can be found at dispensaries throughout California. For more information visit https://junipergrown.com/

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