buzzn Announces New Packaging: Highlights Products as Broad Spectrum

Made from the whole plant extract and contains zero THC

NEW YORK – May 23, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – buzzn, a line of organic premium CBD oil supplements for people and pets, announced today an update in packaging for all items within the product range. Labels will now read as “Broad Spectrum” as it contains zero levels of THC and to distinguish it from Full Spectrum which can contain up to 0.3% THC. buzzn’s Broad Spectrum CBD extract offers a combination of compounds and contains most of the hemp plant’s original compounds.

“When I first launched buzzn, the industry was not yet aware of the term ‘Broad Spectrum,’ so all of our labels and packaging originally said Full Spectrum Hemp Extract,” said Min An, Founder and CEO of buzzn. “As the industry progressed and new terms began to surface, we realized it was important to change our labels and packaging to better reflect that.”

There three distinguished categories of hemp extract products now include: Full Spectrum Hemp, Broad Spectrum Hemp,and CBD Isolate. buzzn uses a whole plant extract which is why it was originally considered a Full Spectrum product. Due to its zero levels of THC and changes in the field, it now falls under the category of Broad Spectrum. buzzn has changed their labels to reflect this development on their packaging, which  is made of 50 percent post-consumer waste material and 100 percent recyclable paper. The company also plants trees to cover its carbon footprint and uses vegetable-based inks for processing.

As a natural medicine advocate and an active, licensed pharmacist, Min launched buzzn in 2019 with a mission to restore well-being with the power of plants. buzzn products are all pharmaceutical-grade and offer the most absorbable CBD in the industry by utilizing an intensive CO2 extraction process and is derived from 100% organic, industrial, Colorado-grown hemp

buzzn focuses on the natural compounds of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil to promote healing and has created an extremely potent yet safe and regulated hemp oil with zero THC to align your body and mind. Every product is manufactured in the USA at a facility that is GMP-certified by the FDA.

For more information about buzzn, please visit: www.getbuzzn.com.

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