Himalaya Keeps Leading the Terpene Charge With Its New Terp Sauce Cartridge

Sacramento’s top-selling cannabis brand focuses on full-spectrum cannabis oil that explodes with fresh terpy flavor

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – June 18, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – Himalaya continues its tradition of creating the purest, most authentic cannabis concentrates on the planet with the launch of its new high-end terp sauce cartridge in California dispensaries this month. It’s the latest release from a company that has been at the forefront of developing of single-strain, terpene-rich extracts for three years.

Crafting High-Terp Extracts Since 2016
Himalaya’s new terp sauce is extracted from cannabis frozen immediately after harvest, locking in freshness and resulting in the same flavors and effects as fresh, uncured cannabis flower. The cartridge debuts at a time when concentrates consumers are moving away from distillates and demanding more authentic, terpene-rich extracts, demonstrating a philosophy the brand has promoted since the beginning.

“We are the original high-terpene cartridge and have been focusing on cannabis-derived terpenes since the beginning,” says Benjamin Michael, Founder & CEO of Himalaya. “The industry has only recently jumped on the terpene bandwagon with fresh-frozen concentrates, but we’ve been crafting high-terpene extracts from cured flower since 2016.”

With every single-strain extract, Himalaya offers the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis oil while simultaneously delivering the ultimate true-to-flower flavor and potency experience. It’s this commitment to preserving the pure, true essence of cannabis that has given Himalaya its reputation for quality.

“Now that we’ve received our annual manufacturing license, we’ve cleared all the major regulatory hurdles without experiencing gaps in our business, unlike a lot of legacy brands with more resources and teams much larger than ours,” says Michael. “We were on it from day-one because reliability is our biggest priority.”

Himalaya is sold in over 50 California cannabis retailers, including its most recent expansion into 12 new locations around the Bay Area in the last month, and the homegrown Sacramento brand shows no signs of slowing down. In support of its expansion into more retail stores, the company is set to further increase its sales force, while also broadening its budtender and customer outreach program to more than 50 in-store events monthly. “We’re honored to be the number one selling cartridge in the greater Sacramento region,” says Michael. “And we’re excited about expanding into the rest of California.”

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Himalaya offers an assortment of half- and one-gram cartridges in both single-strain and CBD varieties. Himalaya’s terpene-rich cannabis oil is extracted from premium sun-grown flower sourced from small family gardens throughout Northern California. Visit https://www.himalayavapor.com/ to learn more about the company. For more information, visit https://www.himalayavapor.com/.

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