Ignite Breaks into Topicals, Announces CBD Pain Relief Cream and Roll-On

Popular cannabis brand adds topical products to its impressive array of CBD staples

LOS ANGELES – July 2, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – Ignite International, Ltd. has announced the launch of a new line of CBD products, this time focusing on topical formulas that can be applied directly to the skin for quick and easy relief. The new line-up features CBD Pain Relief Cream, designed to reduce discomfort and inflammation at the source, and a CBD Roll-On Oil, that can be applied for aromatherapeutic stress relief throughout the day.

The new Ignite International, Ltd. topical products include 1,000mg of CBD in every bottle and are able to deliver a full range of benefits, now in a form that’s convenient and accessible for both veterans and newcomers to CBD products. These new topicals are available for purchase online at IgniteCBD.co, along with the brand’s full line of CBD products including vape pens, tinctures, and toothpicks.

“Topical creams, lotions, and oils are emerging among the most popular CBD products on the market and Ignite is breaking into the scene to deliver them at the highest quality possible with the best ingredients and cutting-edge delivery methods, not to mention the branding to match,” said Jim McCormick, President of Ignite International Brands, Ltd. “Ignite’s topical products place all the comfort and relief of CBD in the palm of your hand.”

The CBD Pain Relief Cream includes anti-inflammatory plant extracts from CBD, menthol crystals, and arnica, with moisturizing aloe vera. It’s fragrance free, paraben free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and eco-friendly. The CBD Pain Relief Cream can be applied to areas of pain and discomfort including joints, bones, and muscles. The CBD Pain Relief Cream can be purchased for $39.99.

The CBD Roll-On Oil incorporates aromatherapy to lift or calm one’s mood. It’s available in three scents: Recharge, Calm, All-Day. Like the CBD Pain Relief Cream, the CBD Roll-On Oil includes anti-inflammatory plant extracs CBD, menthol crystals and arnica. Each scent has an added essential oil: Recharge (rosemary and lemon), Calm (lavender), All-Day (unscented). The CBD Roll-On Oil can be applied to the neck and wrists for aromatherapeutic stress relief and can also be applied to areas of pain. The CBD Roll-On Oil can be purchased for $29.99.

About Ignite International, Ltd.
Founded by Dan Bilzerian, based in Los Angeles, and spanning a wide variety of cannabis and CBD products, Ignite wants to change what users, and society, think about cannabis and CBD. Ignite has built the world’s first super-premium cannabis lifestyle brand, currently for sale in dispensaries across California and Nevada with the company’s CBD products sold nationally online. From packaging and branding, to what’s inside, Ignite delivers at the highest level and builds on the foundation that trust and quality truly matter. For more information on Ignite’s complete line of products, visit Ignite.co.

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