Alexander Lichliter Brings a Mission to Drift Racing

Mission Dispensaries Announces Sponsorship with Leading Drift Racer

PHOENIX – July 2, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – Mission Dispensaries today announced an official partnership with Formula Drift Racer Alexander Lichliter. The wellness-inspired dispensary will sponsor Lichliter’s participation in upcoming races, including the most recent Drift Nirvana Trilogy of Drift event.

Alexander Lichliter, who got his start in racing in 2009, will now race with Mission as a primary sponsor. In alignment with Mission’s goal to promote cannabis and CBD as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, Mission sees this partnership as an opportunity to provide approachable access to information on cannabis on a national platform.

“Mission has been a great sponsor to work with and their support of me and my team has exceeded our expectations,” said Lichliter. “We’re looking forward to bringing Mission into our drift racing family.”

Formula Drift is recognized as the premier North American professional drifting championship series. The series consists of an eight-round championship played out at race tracks across North America. Judged on line, angle, and style, rather than who finishes the course in the fastest time, Formula Drift brings together traditional racing and extreme sports.

“We look forward to partnering with Alexander Lichliter as he not only fulfills his personal needs but also inspires others to participate in recreational activities of all kinds,” said Glenn Backus, President of Mission Dispensaries.

Mission is re-inventing the cannabis retail landscape and is committed to educating people about the benefits of safe cannabis use. Mission’s comfortable space and compassionate staff allows patients to come and connect in an authentic manner.

To learn more about Mission, visit missiondispensaries.com.

True to its name, Mission is a different kind of dispensary, whose commitment lies not just in filling orders, but fulfilling each individual’s personal needs. Whether you’re new to the world of marijuana, or just the rules for recreational use, Mission knows it can be intimidating and works to educate its patients to create a more informed society when it comes to cannabis use. Mission currently operates seven legal cannabis retail operations in Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. In 2019, it expects to open several more stores within existing and new markets. For more information, visit missiondispensaries.com.

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