Premium Beauty Brand Oliveda Acquires LA Dope Inc. to Introduce CBD Products and Plans Launch of First-Ever Internet-Connected Cannabis Plants

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – September 4, 2019 /Canna Newswire/ – Already a leading premium beauty and cosmetic brand with a cult following in Europe, Oliveda International, traded under the stock symbol OLVI,  has acquired Los Angeles-based LA Dope Inc. and introduced its first line of CBD products expected to be available online and in retail stores as soon as this month.

Oliveda’s CBD Beauty Therapy will initially include 10 signature products with over 60 additional other recipes being developed under the LA Dope brand.  The first two highlighted products are the LA Dope Eye Elixir, an anti-wrinkle product for around the eyes, and the LA Dope CBD Beauty Fountain, an oral supplement makes the skin look younger and more radiant.  Testing has shown that the CBD Beauty Fountain oral supplement was effective after only a few days of use.

Beyond the premium beauty products being introduced under the LA Dope brand, Oliveda made this acquisition with the aim of revolutionizing the cannabis and CBD industries with first connections to cannabis plant frequencies.

Oliveda already offers connections to the frequencies of mountain olive trees through a proprietary and patented wireless connection, providing 24/7 access to the energy, vitality, and longevity of the mountain olive tree.

Oliveda will make similar connections to the healing energy of cannabis plants available free via a mobile app.  These frequencies can also be converted to sound and delivered to homes and offices through wall-mounted receivers that also double as art pieces.

In announcing the cannabis plant connections, Oliveda founder and CEO Thomas Lommel commented, “We are excited to have completed the LA Dope acquisition and to soon roll out our first CBD products for beauty, cosmetics, and wellness customers.  Shortly thereafter, we expect our cannabis frequencies to be made available to anyone worldwide at no charge, even places where cannabis itself has not yet been legalized.”

With a patented high-tech process, the vibration frequency and information from the cannabis plans are transmitted without harming the plant.

About Oliveda
In 1997, Oliveda founder and CEO Thomas Lommel successfully treated himself with the power of the olive trees.  Based on his personal experience, Mr. Lommel developed the first Oliveda products in 2001, which replace the standard 70% water-base of other cosmetic brands with the cell elixir and hydroxytyrosol complex of the olive tree.  The combination of the powerful elixir, hydroxytyrosol complex, ancient herbal convent recipes, and plant synergy makes Oliveda products a highly effective, high-tech line of natural cosmetics that offer much more than just perfect care for each skin types and perfect protection against free radicals.

Oliveda products have been featured and written about in many European beauty magazines as well as American Vogue.  As reported in Gala, celebrities, including Madonna and Charlize Theron “swear by” Oliveda’s Olive Tree Therapy.

Among consumers, Oliveda rapidly developed a devoted following, and in 2015, the company’s first flagship store was opened in Berlin, followed by a second store in Dusseldorf in early 2017.  The company went public in the United States via a reverse merger transaction in 2017 and launched online US sales in 2019.  Oliveda has retail approval in China and is planning to open another flagship store in South Korea.  Overall, the company’s global expansion plan anticipates 60 flagship stores worldwide and a 1,200-retail store network.

More information can be found at https://www.oliveda.com and https://us.oliveda.com.

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