Cannasphere Biotech Launches Nanoliposomal Hydro CBD Concentrate powered by Patent Pending Lipofusion™ Delivery Technology

Lipofusion Hydro Concentrate, a patent-pending nanoliposomal encapsulation innovation by Cannasphere Biotech increases CBD absorption by as much as 80%


Cannasphere Biotech Launches Nanoliposomal CBD Beverage Powers in 3 Refreshing Flavors, Powered by Patent Pending Lipofusion Delivery Technology

CBD beverage powders powered by Lipofusion are available for private label and can be packaged in convenient single-serving stick packs or pouches

Cannasphere Biotech

The Future of CBD is Here—Cannasphere Biotech Introduces Groundbreaking Patent-Pending Lipofusion™ Technology

Cannasphere Biotech introduces Lipofusion™, a CBD delivery that incorporates soluble fibers with its patent pending dual encapsulation technology to address many of the common barriers to bioavailability of actives