TopGrow Lighting

The First UL Photometry Report of its Kind

TopGrow Lighting released a benchmark report, the first horticulture photometry report of its kind, compiled by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and measuring the light output of TopGrow’s 24 watt LED T5 against a stock high-output 54 watt fluorescent T5 lamp

Panacea Plant Sciences

Panacea Plant Sciences Launches Cannabis Research Crowdfunding Campaign

Panacea Plant Sciences, creators of a patent pending terpene and cannabinoid enhancing formula, announced an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to raise funds for an Open Data cannabis agricultural test site to look at the nutrient density of food products and phytochemicals in medical cannabis


Pot Zero- Colorado’s 1st Fully Sustainable & Clean Marijuana Cultivation Facility

Pot Zero has changed the face of how cannabis can be grown. They have taken the art of sustainable farming to new heights with a 100% sustainable, zero carbon footprint, zero chemical cannabis cultivation model.


Innovative Solutions Introduces New and Improved ProGuard Sanitization Technology

Innovative Solutions, a sanitization technology specialist for the cannabis industry, has entered into a relationship with GTE Manufacturing to manufacture its new and improved ProGuard Sanitization Technology product line