Apply to Present at CNvest: Terps and Tech!

Thank you for your interest in presenting at CNvest: Terps and Tech!

CNvest will select 16 companies to present to an audience of investors at our spring forum, co-located with the Terpenes and Testing World Conference. Companies will be judged by a panel of cannabis market influencers and media, with finalists selected by a panel of cannabis investors and business analysts.  Standardized scoring will be used in order to fairly determine which companies have the greatest potential to succeed in this explosive market.

Applications must be received by midnight Pacific Time, Friday night, February 16, 2018.
[A short grace period window is still open - please contact with any questions or concerns].

Before you go to the online application form, you may want to download this Microsoft Word version of the application to help you gather all the necessary information and materials, making it easy to complete your application by copying and pasting answers from Word version into the online form. You can download this document here:

To advance to the application form, check the boxes next to each criterion your company meets in the form below.

Applicants must meet all this criteria in order to apply to present at CNvest: Terps and Tech

What if your company does not meet all the above criteria?

If your company does not meet all the qualification criteria noted above, but you believe your company should still be considered for presenting at CNvest, don't worry! Please follow these steps to have you application reviewed:

  1. Download the CNvest presenter application from this link
  2. Complete the application and gather all supporting materials (please note the file size limits referenced in the application)
  3. Send the application and supporting materials to with “APPLICATION APPEAL - [your company name]” in the subject

Your application will be reviewed, and if it is determined that your company is a good match for the investors attending CNvest: Terps and Tech, you will be notified by email and invoiced the application fee. Once your fee has been paid, your company will enter the judging process.

Apply to Present

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