Each tickets to CNvest is $400 and includes an all-access ticket to the Terpenes and Testing World Conference being held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center on April 10 & 11. Tickets are limited. A maximum of two tickets per sale is allowed. Tickets are only available to accredited investors.

Please complete the following form to purchase tickets:

Because most legal frameworks and financing documents restrict investments from only accredited investors, and because seats to CNvest are limited, tickets are reserved for accredited investors. If you are not an accredited investor but would still like to attend the event, please complete this ticket request form and we will let you know if tickets become available by the end of March.

If you are representing yourself, please write "self" or "independent" in this field.

On the next screen you can purchase up to two tickets. All sales are final. Tickets may be transferred to another accredited investor. Please contact cnvest@cannanewswire.co with any questions.

Purchase Tickets

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