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Canna Closet


Media Contact:
Stacy Thompson
CEO and Founder
Canna Closet, LLC
(248) 556-6361

About Canna Closet
Canna Closet is an in home party company that is catered to the Cannabis community. This is where we open up the conversation about Cannabis in the comfort of your living room. This allows you to ask all of the questions you may have about cannabis, and feel comfortable talking about it. At our parties we will talk about different ways of consumption, what dosing is, and how to safely start your journey into cannabis. We carry a select line of products to consume and conceal your cannabis, along with educating you on the care and use of all the products before you purchase! We look forward to bringing your neighborhood out of the Canna Closet!


Canna Closet In-house Education Parties

Canna Closet. It’s not your grandmother’s Tupperware party. No, if you go to a Canna Closet in home party, you will not be viewing new offerings of plastic kitchenware or trying on the latest fashion jewelry. Instead, you will become educated about cannabis and have the opportunity to purchase products...

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