Integrated Hemp Solutions

Integrated Hemp Solutions

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About Integrated Hemp Solutions
Integrated Hemp Solutions (IHS) takes a unique approach to the clinical research, product development and sales of cannabidiol (CBD). The company’s hemp-derived CBD products are clinically tested and trusted by doctors and patients to address a growing list of conditions, providing a safe alternative to dangerously addictive opioids. Working with its partners at Integrated Pain Solutions, IHS assists thousands of patients using CBD therapy, and tracks their progress on a regular basis. IHS provides a safe, convenient and informative way for patients to better understand their treatment options and procure the proper CBD therapy for their specific conditions.


Dr. James Taylor, M.D.

Dr. James Taylor, M.D.
Founder & CEO


CANNAHEALTH Cannabis 101: Patient & Caregiver

Learn more about how to find a MMJ doctor you trust; cannabis and managing irritable bowel syndrome and organizations you can join to support the cause! - page 36

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