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Media Contact:
Kristina Shea
Rapid Dose Therapeutics
(905) 876-8003

About Rapid Dose Therapeutics
Rapid Dose Therapeutics, RDT, is a Canadian bio-technology company that provides innovative, proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes and quality of lives. Rapid Dose Therapeutics offers Quick, Convenient, Precise and Discreet™ choices to consumers and patients. RDT is focused and committed to clinical research and product development for the healthcare manufacturing industry — including nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. Within the cannabis sector, RDT provides a turn-key Managed Strip Service Program which enables RDT’s QuickStrip™ proprietary drug delivery technology to be licensed by select partners. QuickStrip™ offers RDT is driven to expand globally into emerging markets, create value for both consumers and shareholders and continually create innovative solutions aimed at future market needs.

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