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Media Contact:
Rachael Maddison
Founder & CEO
(920) 750-4994

About StrainConnect
Based in San Francisco, StrainConnect was founded in February 2018 as a way to match consumers with specific cannabis products that meet their unique needs. Using data collected on an individual’s ailment, personality characteristics and desired effect, the free web app will make recommendations for lab-tested products that are safe for the patient to use. Sign up for StrainConnect at


StrainConnect Strives To Educate Cannabis Consumers

Cannabis and technology are becoming quite the pairing as apps like Weedmaps, Lift & Co, Leafly, and Strainprint are becoming popular companions to the cannabis experience. Enter a new app, StrainConnect, a strain recommendation platform that helps cannabis consumers choose cannabis products based on the ailment, desired effect, and personality characteristics. “I built StrainConnect out …

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Cannabis legalization is in full swing in CA. The cultivators are filling the product chain for dispensaries to satisfy the long line of consumers. Behind the scenes, the industry is buzzing with new businesses filling in the missing links of products and services needed to create a strong foundation for an industry in its infancy.[...]

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