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About John Sidline
John Sidline is a principal with Canna Newswire, a service provider connecting news media and cannabis startups. He co-produces the CNvest conferences and Canna Newswire’s media showcase events, and leads Canna Newswire’s trade publication consulting practice. An award-winning communications innovator, Sidline frequently writes and speaks about the challenges faced by businesses in the cannabis industry.

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About Canna Newswire
Canna Newswire™ is a cannabis industry communications solutions provider managing press operations for industry trade shows and events, content consulting services to cannabis media outlets, and media showcase events that bring leading journalists together with cannabis businesses. Canna Newswire also produces the CNvest startup and investor conferences.

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In the News:

The Particulars of Marketing Your Cannabis Business: Experts Share Their Secrets

The following excerpt is from The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. and Javier Hasse's book Start Your Own Cannabis Business. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | IndieBound This article is part of Entrepreneur's series on How to Start a Cannabis Business. We seek to promote financial inclusion through cannabis. In previous articles, we've looked into numerous aspects of getting into the marijuana industry, including how to convince investors to give you money, and how to brand your cannabis business and craft your story. Cannabis is getting more mainstream by the minute. However, marketing your brand can still be difficult [due to the extensive limitations on advertising].

How To Navigate the Murky Waters of Cannabis Marketing

Getting the word out about your business may be tricky, since many of the traditional marketing and advertising channels aren't yet fully available to the industry. Find out what you can do to spread the word.

A Silicon Valley Pot Deal

Cannabis entrepreneurs gather to pitch venture capitalists, "Shark Tank"-style, for a $10,000 prize.

Why You Should Keep Your California Med Card | Leafbuyer

Leafbuyer's blog provides insightful commentary and thoughts on recreational and medical Marijuana. Check it out now!

Recreational cannabis is about to go on sale in California. But it could be hard to find

These are anxious days in the mellow world of marijuana.


Tips from the Trenches: News-Friendly Trade Shows

There are a lot of cannabis industry trade shows, aren't there? Some months there's a major event every week. By design, these events are where the industry gathers. They bring together uniq

Cannabis branding: A how-to guide for first-timers - Marijuana Venture

The legal cannabis marketplace is exploding, with entrepreneurs establishing a wide variety of companies. Like most new businesses, cannabis startups may be challenged by branding. Branding is not necessarily intuitive, and there are complexities, which is why some of the top agencies charge six-figure sums to get it right. But few startups can — or...

Venting In Public: Advice For The Cannabis Industry

On January 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the "Cole Memo," a policy memo in place at the Justice Department since August 2013 that effectively kept federal law enforcement from prosecuting what otherwise would be federal crimes in states that had made cannabis legal in some form.

The Cannabis Industry's Insular Market Trap

The time is right for the industry to direct marketing efforts beyond its core demographic. The prospective patients seeking relief from pain or chronic conditions, or the ladies who lunch who might try a puff from a vape pen in lieu of a glass of chardonnay, are not hearing the cannabis gospel.

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Kristen Yoder

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