The Canna Newswire feature wire

The Canna Newswire™ feature wire distributes your original column or article written in journalistic style. This distribution gives publishers non-exclusive permission to use your content so long as credit is given to the author and none of the content is changed. To make any edits or alterations to your content, publishers are directed to contact you. Publishers are also encouraged to excerpt or quote your content with proper attribution.

Recommended content types include expert opinion columns, feature articles – journalistic articles with broad appeal and not necessarily news-dependent, expert or executive Q&As. Self-promoting content is likely to be rejected by Canna Newswire. 

Less is more – the more concise your content, the more likely it will be syndicated. The sweet spot is 400 – 800 words, a length with broad appeal to both online and print outlets. Canna Newswire will accept submissions up to 2,000 words.

An author’s bio is required and should be no longer than 60 words. The bio should underscore the expertise of the author relative to the topic of the article or column. The shorter the content length, the shorter the bio length. Name, job title and organization – as in “Mary Jane is executive director of the National Cannabis Organization” – is also an acceptable bio.

Your free distribution includes:

  • Article or column text with active hyperlinks
  • Author’s headshot
  • Up to three high resolution images
  • Optional logo of author’s organization (if relevant)
  • Social media integration

Prepare the following materials:

  • Your content as either a Microsoft Word or .rtf file – your press release must follow journalistic style (for more information please read the next section of this page); oe
  • You can copy and paste your content into the submission form
  • The author’s headshot
  • The author’s company / organization logo (if relevant to the submitted content)
  • Contact information that includes the primary media contact, the contact’s organization, email address and phone number

You can also include any or all of the following:

  • Up to four social media profiles on behalf of the author
  • Up to three high resolutions images (,jpg or .png) that complement the content

If the submitted article or column has more than one author, please note that in the “additional instructions” field near the bottom of the submission form.

Your content will be reviewed by our editorial staff to ensure it is relevant to the cannabis market, includes appropriate content, includes proper citations and attributions and complies with journalistic style.